Friday, June 23, 2017

TRIO Peer Coaches: Bios and Schedules

Ana Ferraz-Castilho

Hello! My name is Ana Ferraz-Castilho. I was born in Brazil. I’m a graduate student in the counseling program and a Peer Coach at TRIO Student Support Services, both at NEIU.

I value community engagement, and individual empowerment and growth, and I am here to connect with students that, like me, are pursuing ways to achieve their academic goals. As a Peer Coach I will strive to help you stay motivated and on track toward graduation.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
– Mahatma Ghandi

                                                                        * * * * * * * * * * *

Tom Nedderman

Hello. My name is Tom Bob Nedderman  ... First of all, folks really do call me Tom Bob.  I did quite a bit of growing up in Texas where it seems that everybody's middle name is Bob ... Billy Bob, Joe Bob, Bob Bob and me, Tom Bob. 

As a life coach and licensed spiritual practitioner, I tend to infuse universal spiritual principles into most everything I do. I'm also extensively trained in addictive and compulsive behaviors.  Merging the two paths, I use universal spiritual principles as a framework for teaching clean and sober living.  I'm sure it is no accident that I always end up teaching that which I most need to learn myself.  I think that's the way the Universe keeps me humble and on my toes.  And to that end, I'm completely committed to my own therapeutic journey of self-discovery.  My aim is to break through my upper limits and expand my internal container for good.  I subscribe to the idea that I can only take a person as far as I have gone myself. Mostly, I'm just like everybody else, a person recovering from anything and everything.  In the midst of what is simply life occurring, I always manage to find a way to move from merely surviving life into an actual experience of thriving in it.
My hope is that I can help others to thrive too.

Ana and Tom's Schedules

Friday, June 16, 2017

Northeastern Programming Board seeks students

Northeastern Programming Board (NPB) creates and facilitates Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) student “events and programs.” NPB programs and events range from Student Showcases to Panel Discussions, Movie Series to Doc (documentary) Days, Student Union Art Gallery Exhibits, International Festival, and Nest Fest. There is something for everyone!

We are currently looking for students to fill positions in the following:

1. Arts and Entertainment - I love Monday's Events
2. Trips and Tournament  - Chicago Bulls tickets and interactive activities
3. Diversity and Social Justice - Museum Trips
4. Publicity and Design - Graphic Design

If you are interested in joining NPB, please contact Ernie Kimlin at (773) 442-4635.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Scholarship Opportunities

Following is a list of scholarship opportunities for TRIO members. This list will be updated periodically, so check back often.

Scholarships And Grants Guide: Find Scholarships And Grants

Scholarships: Current Students (Future Alumni) Check Them Out
Gates Scholarship: Full Scholarships For Minority Students
Alumni Association Scholarships: For Sophs, Juniors, Seniors
J.K. Cook Foundation Scholarships: High Achieving Students
Google Scholarships:
Underrepresented Students
Scholarships: For Immigrants and Refugees
Multiple Scholarships: Conserving Natural Resources: by 6/30

Thursday, June 1, 2017

TRIO Student Support Services seeks tutors for summer/fall 2017

TRIO Student Support Services is currently seeking new tutors to provide academic support to program participants during both Summer and Fall 2017.

Information about TRIO tutoring services, as well as the application, can be found on our department website at 

While we are seeking subject matter experts for all academic disciplines, we are primarily looking for the following combinations:
  • English/Social Sciences
  • English/Secondary Education or TESOL
  • Math/Secondary Education
  • Math/Sciences
  • Math/Business
  • Math/Computer Science
All required application documents must be received by Friday, August 4. Any questions, applications materials or recommendations should be directed to

Friday, May 19, 2017

Need An Extra $40,000 Per Year?

Our partners at the Jack Kent Cook Foundation would like to make sure the TRIO community takes advantages of two very generous scholarship opportunities!

The Jack Kent Cooke Foundation provides the largest scholarships in the country to high-achieving students with financial need.

Both the Cooke College Schol­arship and Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship provide recipients with up to $40,000 per year to complete their bachelor's degrees, along with op­portunities for internships, study abroad, and more. Plus, the Cooke Scholarships are the most generous scholarships in the country that can be used at any ac­credited four-year college or university in the country.

Interested in learning more? Please sign up for more information and an auto­matic reminder when the applications open this Fall.

College Scholarship Program (HS seniors only)
Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship

Interns Wanted in Oak Park

True Freedom Cornerstone Church in Oak Park (171 N. Cuyler Ave, Oak Park) is seeking enthusiastic individuals interested in working with young people as interns.

Selected interns will be supported through supervision and provided with a team member in a given class/group.

There are six age groups that interns can lead.

Interns interested in earning clock hours toward their educational field experience are preferred. Education majors, Special Education majors, or Pre-Education students would be ideal.

The internships can begin any time during the year. All you need to do is complete an interview and be accepted.

For more information, please contact Larry Landfair at 708-714-7888 or via e-mail at

Thursday, May 18, 2017

World Relief Chicago Is Here To Help You!!

NEIU alum Leticia Medrano is the new Immigration Outreach Coordinator at World Relief Chicago, a nonprofit organization based in Albany Park which focuses on community diversity and financial assistance. 

World Relief Chicago offers legal services for immigrants.

A Citizenship Workshop is scheduled for June 10, 2017. Read the following flyers.


Immigration attorneys will be on hand to provide advice on about protecting your rights by becoming a U.S. Citizen! 

Please direct your questions to:

Leticia Medrano